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The Manual

Dear Customer,

First of all; Thank you for buying Roulette Shark! Without your support we would not be able to keep Roulette Software updated, and the greedy Casinos would win this ”war”!

It is very important that you read this manual before using Roulette Shark to play for real – the software may look simple, but if you miss any step in this manual you might be risking your money. In other words: READ THIS CAREFULLY OR LOSE YOUR MONEY!

Roulette Shark is able to break the exploitable RNGs in the following list of Casino Software ONLY!!! Roulette Shark relies on advanced pattern recognition to predict numbers at the Roulette tables of these Casinos:

Working Casino List
Casino #1
Casino #2
Casino #3


How Does Roulette Shark Work?

Roulette Shark uses advanced pattern recognition to predict the next range of numbers the Roulette Wheel's RNG (Random Number Generator) will come up with – remember, it is not possible for a computer to generate true random numbers, a computer is only able to use complex formulas and mathematic algorithms – which are predictable!

Most Online Casinos have spent a lot of money buying TRNGs (True Random Number Generators). These are very advanced pieces of hardware, which listen to the unpredictable radio-noise from Space, and calculates random numbers from this. In theory, with the right equipment and a lot of time, it would be possible to break these too though – but it won't be needed as we have found a list of Casinos that use the ”old” type of RNGs and are therefore easier to exploit!
Roulette Shark is created specifically for these casinos only! Trying to use Roulette Shark on any other Casino may not give the desired results.

How to use Roulette Shark

Roulette Shark is made with usability in mind – we want it to be as easy as possible for you to start earning money right away! Please remember that Roulette Shark uses a prediction algorithm and might therefore loose the first few bets as a list of running numbers is being created in memory – but after only a few bets Roulette Shark will be able to predict with extremely high reliability and earn you a good amount of money on a long-term scale.

Entering Start Values

When you start Roulette Shark you are presented with the following window:

Roulette Shark Start Screen

This is where you enter the amount of money you currently have in your online Casino account. If you have not yet created an account at a online casino, please look at the list on Page 1 – these casinos have all been well-tested with Roulette Shark, and are guaranteed to make you a profit if you use the software correctly.

If you created an account with 100 british pounds, you would enter the following into the program:
Every time you run Roulette Shark you need to enter your current values.
After entering the correct values you need to click the ”Start” button with the Roulette Shark logo. This will bring you to the next screen.

Playing with Roulette Shark

When the initial values have been entered you will see the following window:

Roulette Shark Main Window

The first thing you have to do after starting the program is to look in the bottom left corner. Here you will se the Instructions:

Roulette Shark Instructions

The ”Instructions” field is where Roulette Sharks tells you what fields on the Roulette Table to bet on. The initial bet will always be the same: Bet you wager on '1st 12”, '2nd 12” and 'Even'.
After placing the bet, you let the wheel spin and look carefully at which number the ball lands on. When the Roulette has finished spinning, you click on the number it landed on in Roulette Shark – simply move your mouse pointer on top of the number, and left-click. When this is done, you will see the number added to the ”History” field, and new instructions appearing in the ”Instructions” field.
In the right side of your screen is your Status – this will show you how much money you currently have in your account, and how big your ROI (Return of Invenstment) is.